Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brack Hill Tackle - Rod #108

I've never been the kind of person that felt the need to make a "bucket list", but if I were, one of the things on the list would be to have a custom split bamboo rod made for me by a skilled rod maker. One of my guide clients who has become more of a friend than a "client" happens to fit that bill.
Lou Burhart owns Brack Hill Tackle and he specializes in heirloom quality bamboo rods... some of the finest I've seen. Lou made me an offer I couldn't refuse last fall so I pulled the trigger and gave him the go ahead. Much to my delight, he began working on it pretty quickly and was posting progress photos on his Facebook page often, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Last night I met with Lou and some other client friends for dinner in Ypsilanti before I was to present a tying clinic for Schultz Outfitters "Barflies" night. Lou presented the finished rod to me before dinner and I briefly unpacked it to admire his artwork, looking forward to getting it home so I could admire it even closer. He even put together a bag of pieces and parts of all stages of its progression... so cool!
Anyway, if I ever get that urge to make a bucket list I can already check this one off. The craftsmanship is unbelievable and I imagine this will be one of the few things that will be passed down to my children and grandchildren for generations to come.
Thank you Lou for making something so special, I promise it will be cherished!

Here are some of the progression photos for your enjoyment.