Friday, November 21, 2014

2014 Fall Steelhead Report

Incase you're wondering if I quit posting fishing reports, I have to tell you that I haven't quit... just felt too busy this fall to make a daily or even weekly report. My life seems too busy sometimes and I feel the need to purposely not do some things in order to keep myself sane. I'm sure you know the feeling.

Anyway, this fall has been interesting. The salmon run was pretty lame and they certainly didn't populate the whole river as in some years. They were plentiful in about a half dozen places so as long as I could squeeze in we had great fishing... although I could have used a change in scenery for the 3 weeks of salmon:)

Our Steelhead run started slow and as of now really hasn't picked up a ton. It seemed to be one to four hook ups a day were the norm this fall and quite a few days the fish were biting at the fly well but missing the hook. We lost a number of great fish while fighting them too... a good reminder to land them as soon as possible so the hook doesn't loosen up too much before getting the fish to the net.
All in all it seems like a tougher fall... which means next fall might be a bonanza!

Here are a few recent photo's.

Cory with his first swung fly SH! Wicked Leech.

Dick with a great SH that clobbered a Sculpin.

Drew with a fine SH.

and another....

and another....

I know, it looks like Drew had a banner day, but this was over a 3 day period:)
Great job Drew!

John with his first SH! Sculpin.

Karen with a trophy brown. Wicked leech.

Lou prooves that Pike like the Wicked Leech too.

My beloved 4Runner after a head on collision on my way to pick up clients. Truck totalled, boat damaged but she still floats.... needs a new paint job though. Me, still walking... and thanking God!

Neal with his first SH on a swung fly! Flux Capacitor.