Friday, September 5, 2014

2014 Bassin' Bonanza

Recently some friends and I made our Second Annual 35 mile Bassin' Bonanza trip from Croton Dam all the way downstream to Maple Island. It was three days of bassin and two nights of camping. Lots of bass, quality time with friends and by the time we were done nobody wanted to fish again for a couple days. Nearly all of the larger bass were caught on poppers, but the quantity record goes to Matt Erny and his "Zelda" streamer. I think it took him less than two hours of fishing to land over 30 bass. They were only taking it stripped really fast and after 30 bass his arm was toast. Here are some photo from our trip.

This was my trophy for the trip... in the last 1/2 hour of the last day. Persistance paid off.

Rob Bonifas with a nice bass. He represented BYFG well.

and another.

So on the 3rd day, we packed all the food in the other boat and as of 6pm we still hadn't see them. Needless to say we were a little on the hungry side in my boat and Rob decided to go for the butter in my cooler. Yes, he really did eat it.

Even saw a gator.

Nice bass on my new streamer... this streamer was magic on day one but the farther downstream we went the dirtier the water got and the magic faded.

Matt Erny with a great bass on his "Zelda".

and another.

Rob holds a nice bass.

Our camp.

Matt Svoboda with a great popper bass.

Not pictured is friend John Ridderbos... I guess no one took a picture of you John? Sorry bud.
Looking forward to the 3rd Annual Bassin' Bonanza already!

9-4-14 Fishing Report

Last night I fished some water I've never fished previously. It was exciting to fish some new stuff and the payoff was big! Pike and bass both were biting like crazy, including this beastly bass. I will definitely be spending some more time in this place.

Em Jr.

This photo was from a trip last Friday. We had a particularly tough bite that day but still managed a handful of great bites, including this nice bass caught by Em Jr.