Saturday, April 27, 2013

4-27-13 Fishing Report - Great Steelhead Fishing Now!

Well, it's been an interesting spring to say the least... especially in light of 2012!

April started off more like March this year with extra cold air and water temps, and just when steelhead fishing was starting to get good massive rains brought us the highest river levels since 1986... slightly higher than we saw in 2011. Boat launches closed for almost a week and all guides were cancelling trips. Needless to say, it's been a tough month to be a fishing guide.

The good news is that river levels have dropped and the fishing is really good right now... should be good for another couple weeks for steelhead. The water is currently high, but pretty normal for spring. It's also very dirty, so there won't be any sight fishing, which is more good news if you ask me.

I currently have a number of openings as most clients were unable to reschedule their trip for April, please call or email me if you want in on some good steelhead fishing before it's too late.

The outlook for trout fishing this summer is fantastic with continued colder than normal water temps and fish that haven't been bothered too much. As always, I'm already looking forward to some great smallmouth bass fishing later this summer and will be scouting some new water as well for future trips... should be fun!

Here are a few recent photos from my trips for FGS. Looking forward to seeing you soon! -Z

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4-10-2013 Fishing Report

The river is BIG! We have been getting steelhead with good regularity the last couple weeks and the mother load is now here, thanks to the massive rainfall the last couple days. I do have a number of open days this month... especially after next week. The steelhead run is definitely behind this spring because of the colder weather and we may have really amazing steelhead fishing well into late May this year!