Monday, May 26, 2014

5-26-14 Fishing Report

Well, after taking the last 2 weeks off to finish moving into our new house and several other projects that needed attention I'm settled in enough to get back on the water. There are some steelhead still around but I'm looking forward to some trout fishing for the next couple months! Fellow guide Drew and I went out for a few hours today and did some streamer fishing with some success. Water level remains about 3,000 cfs and is stained. Water temp is hovering in the upper 50's. Wet fly fishing is decent but will get much better with lower water levels. Streamer bite is day to day, but was good enough today for Drew to coax this super fat brown to bite... although he chased it all the way to the boat before commiting.

Friday, May 9, 2014

5-9-14 Fishing Report

Well, my last Steelhead trip for this spring resulted in a good number of fish on the line, including this fantastic buck that Chip landed this afternoon! Looking forward to some streamer action in the next couple weeks. I have a few open dates if you're interested in trophy hunting for big browns on streamers... conditions are very good. -Z

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5-7-14 Fishing and Stuff

Wow, my last month has been like a high speed chase. Between guiding, working on our new Home/Studio so we can move in at the end of May, a massive order in my current studio headed for Alberta, Canada and cutting 5,000 Zudbubbler bodies for wholesale orders...  life has been a bit much lately. Am I complaining... not for one second! I am so thankful for the incredible blessings God has placed in my life, my barns are filled and my vats are overflowing... but I will admit I am looking forward to taking a few days off for R&R once we get moved.

On the fishing side of things, we are now past the peak of the steelhead run but a number of SH are still around... some spawning and some dropping back to the lake. I ran a mostly swung fly trip yesterday and we had some brief action in a couple runs. We also nymphed a few pockets which produced a few great hook ups.

This morning I met my client in Newaygo at 6 and we decided to rechedule as he wasn't delighted with waving a 13 foot graphite stick with lightening bolts coming down everywhere, so I am catching up on stuff in the studio today.

My apologies to everyone who keeps updated on my fishing reports, especially you guys that have been waiting for my phone call saying the fishing is really good. The fishing was really good for about 2 weeks, but my schedule was simply too full in between days that were booked in advance.

My steelhead trips are booked through mid May but after that I am open for trout trips. I hope to see YOU for some great trout and bass fishing this summer!