Friday, February 28, 2014

Z's Top 5 for Spring Steelhead #5

The final fly in my top 5 for spring steelhead patterns is Zuddy's Copper Stone. This attractor pattern works especially well when the tiny black stoneflies start making their way to shore. I typically fish this fly below an indicator as my bottom fly (egg fly on top). Although you can fish it on a C&D rig as well, I've found it fishes better under the indy.

Tying instructions found here

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Z's Top 5 for Spring Steelhead #4

Well, as much as this one may seem like a no brainer I know when I first began steelhead fishing I needed help with the basics so I know this will be helpful to some. The Clown Egg is my one and only egg pattern for Spring Steelhead. When indy fishing, or even when we need to resort to C&D nymphing I always fish a clown egg as the top fly. Some days the fish are super keyed in on the egg and some days every fish comes on the back fly. In either case, the Clown Egg draws their attention.
I typically tie them on a size 10 Daiichi X-point. I tie them bright for dirty water and pale for clear water.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Z's Top 5 for Spring Steelhead #3

For #3 in my Top 5 Spring Steelhead Flies I would like to introduce you to a fly that accounted for several of the best days of Steelheading we've ever had in my boat. This is one of those patterns that sometimes doesn't work at all, but other times the fish can't get enough of it... guess they gotta be in the right mood. It seems to work best for me on sunny days and the fish possibly see it as a large stonefly or leech. I call it Z's Flashback Squirrel.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Z's Top 5 for Spring Steelhead #2

Last week I started a 5 post blog on my Top 5 Steelhead flies for spring. This is the 2nd post, which features a fly that has served me very well for Steelhead during March and April when the water is high and dirty. This fly works especially good if the previous fall was a dud of a salmon run, leaving salmon fry more scarce for spring. Although I expect this spring to be a banner fry hatch given our massive salmon run of last fall, this fly will always be plentiful in my spring box. No frills, no flash, I give you Ray Schmidt's STS Steelhead Bugger.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Top 5 Spring Steelhead Flies

As I sit at my tying bench recovering from hernia surgery of 2 weeks ago I'm starting to feel well again and my thoughts are turning to spring steelhead. It's time to start filling my spring box because although it's been a brutally hard winter this year, March is just around the corner.
To get myself, and you in the right mood for tying I thought I would fill you in on my Top 5 favorite spring steelhead flies. These Top 5 have been the same for nearly 5 years now and unless I or someone else comes up with a doozy, I don't know that they'll change anytime soon. Over the next 5 posts I will be highlighting one of the flies that I've come to rely heavy on during the spring run and each has been proven as solid as gold. For today I will start with a fly that is not my own design although I do tie it just a little different than its originator who is none other than my great friend Kevin Feenstra
I have worked with Kevin for many years now, he is one of the best people and guides I know and his patterns are tried and true. So, as the first of these next 5 posts, I give you Kevin Feenstra's BTS (Better Than Spawn).